Stereoscopic capture: Reinvented

We are a computer vision technology company focused on developing ultra-fast and high-quality live action VR capture solutions, specializing in building stereoscopic 360° cameras. Our current offering includes custom rig-building, camera-agnostic full 3D 360° capture, with a complete streaming and playback pipeline. 

Working with leading digital entertainment and broadcast companies, as well as OEM's, we help partners and clients deliver high-quality Virtual Reality content through innovative camera calibration methods and video processing algorithms.

Having evolved from a strategic alliance between university R&D programs and the TandemLaunch technology accelerator program, we continuously collaborate with computer vision researchers while developing our own internal expertise, leading to a complete patent portfolio.



As our technology is sensor/lens agnostic, Suometry builds cameras for application-specific needs and applies our patented geometry and stitching algorithm to achieve a stereoscopic 360° output.

Our current offering enables flexibility in camera specifications (such as resolution, framerate, dynamic range, etc.) while our stitching software seamlessly takes care of the final output. We have extensive experience building cameras using a wide range of off-the-shelf parts, lenses and sensors. Through careful calibration and engineering, we deliver unique stereoscopic cameras for real-time streaming; our stereo stitching latency is guaranteed to be less than one second. 



Our latest platform, conVRsation, enables live communication in a real-time stereoscopic environment. Enabling P2P connection through web-based VR paves the way for introducing and increasing the social factor in virtual reality.

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We enable live 3D 360 experiences like no one else in VR. Our demo's have been featured at numerous exhibitions over the past year and continue to push the envelope in the realm of real-time VR streaming. Our current offering includes numerous live-demos as well as a full evolutionary pipeline for low-latency playback. 

To request a demo using conVRsation please schedule an appointment below or contact us at