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VR is the next major social platform

With ConVRsation, we make it possible to communicate in real-time using virtual reality chat rooms. With the option of hosting multiple 'viewers', it's now possible to host back and forth communication whilst being fully immersed in the 3D 360 environment of the broadcaster or 'streamer'. Stream and view from anywhere, anytime. Be there. Be them. Be live. 

Boasting the lowest latency for 3D VR streaming, Suometry presents a tool for immersive broadcasting, learning and interaction without the boundaries of physical location. By unlocking the possibilities of live stereoscopic virtual reality it's now possible to not only share your activities socially, but allow others to actively join in. 


We offer the full platform for White Label, ideal for companies wishing to add an interactive social VR aspect to their existing offering


Step 1: Schedule a demo time

Click here to schedule a time slot that works best for you

Step 2: Prepare your headset (HMD)

We are headset agnostic, but we strongly suggest either Vive HTC, Oculus Rift or, if you are using it mobile, then any functional cardboard.

Step 3: Receive unique URL link

We will send you a URL link to access the VR chatroom. If you are on a Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream, you may need to input this link manually.

Step 4: Live Stereo 360 Chat

Make sure your microphone access is enabled. See you (and speak to you) soon.

Being OTT based, conVRsation is accessible through a valid internet connection. Stream anytime from anywhere with a connection. Multiple 'viewers' can join a single stream and interact with the host and each other. Experience events with friends, allow your audience to join your adventures and most importantly, communicate. We believe VR should and will be the next major social platform. 

The conVRsation platform is headset agnostic


Using both our proprietary camera and platform we enable businesses to add VR live-streaming in its most simple form: an interactive and social platform. 

Experiences are better with company...VR should be no different.