Features Overview

First Real-time Stereoscopic 360° Camera System for ADAS

With uncompromising speed, quality and performance, our camera's are ideally suited for image capture in ADAS systems. We believe our stereoscopic vision capabilities could offer an accelerated path to building Level 4 and 5 ADAS systems, with a similar footprint, cost and form factor to current ADAS imaging solutions.  Offering millisecond latency response times, very light computational requirements and high scalability with potential for miniaturization, substantial volume production and cost reduction, our patented geometry achieves true stereoscopic 3D video output.

Current ADAS systems vs. 360°Stereoscopic Vision

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Current ADAS systems comprise of surround cameras, stitched from multiple monoscopic 2D lenses to reconstruct a 360° view, and have shallow depth (~5m) of range. 

Advantages with stereoscopic vision include full 360° coverage, both interior and exterior coverage, no blind spots and the potential to add IR sensitive sensors. 


The Suometry Performance Edge

Intensive computation and stitching hardware is the bottleneck of producing large amounts of stereo 360 data, leading to poor scalability and expensive deployment. By utilizing our proprietary configuration, unique stitching and playback algorithms, we enable results to be delivered in real-time, reducing the amount of data and decreasing computational requirements. 

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The Future of ADAS Systems

By applying stereoscopic vision capture to the ADAS landscape, the benefits include the rapid creation of big data sets for AI training, radical improvements in object recognition, enriched content and additional depth information for existing radar and LiDAR systems, a single camera for both inside and outside monitoring during driving as well as the evolution of next generation side-view mirrors. By rapidly generating thousands of hours of stereoscopic capture data, improvements in road safety, mobility, convenience and the overall driving experience can be achieved. 

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