'SUO' - sew together, stitch     'METRY' - our custom geometry

Suometry is a Montreal-based IP licensing company providing image processing and computer vision solutions.

By focusing on a unique geometry, Suometry cameras are able to deliver high-quality depth AND stereoscopic 360° video, in less than 25 milliseconds of latency for 4k.

Our hardware-enabled software system allows companies to embed our technology into their solutions.


Our patented geometry (OmniPolar™) enables true real-time stereoscopic stitching and capture. It can generate both high-quality 3D 360° videos as well as depth maps with computationally light processing, and can support multiple lens/sensor combinations depending on the application.

The OmniPolar™ geometry is based on a triangular configuration of fish-eye cameras which, counter-intuitively, face in the same direction. This setup, in combination with a set of stitching algorithms that require very low power, results in the ability to record and stream 360° stereoscopic video in high resolution. Ultimately, this configuration of cameras reduces the non-deterministic three-dimensional stitching problem of 3D 360° video, to a two-dimensional geometrical problem.


The figure above demonstrates how two lenses are active at any given time with any given viewing point (represented by the pair of eyes). The concept of natural optics is replicated, with each lens (the black spheres) being akin to the left and right eyes of a human face. The active FOV (field of view) is represented by the red triangle with the blue triangles representing the useful FOV of each lens.